The DJ Should Not Be The Promoter

Everything evolves including DJing. However, not everything that evolves becomes better. Promotion is one of the things in the music industry that has evolved for the worse. Promotion in DJing has become almost non-existent. You think it’s there, but it’s not. It’s an illusion. One could put the blame on social media but I believe the blame should be put on laziness and greed.

A Promotional System | Promotion is a necessity and while it’s great that you, as a DJ, spread the word on the events you’re a part of, this shouldn’t be your job. There needs to be a promotional system in place. One that is controlled by an actual promoter. You, as a DJ, should concentrate all your efforts on DJing. It’s a simple concept but there’s a reason for it. You need to give all your efforts to your job. That’s not to say that you cannot also be a good promoter, but anything you take away from DJing, will affect your performance. You may not agree with me if you’re a DJ/Promoter, but all you have to do is look at your set of DJ skills to know that all that time you spent doing the job of the promoter could have been best improving your skills as a DJ and even expanding your knowledge of music. Promotion takes time – good promotion is what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about social media which is basically word of mouth.

The Club Promoter | Gone are the days when clubs had good promoters. Well, at least in most clubs. Now, you have club owners and managers expecting the DJ to promote his own events. Again, this should not be your job. Your job is to DJ. A promoter’s job is to promote.

The Guest List | The famous DJ Guest List is no more. A DJ used to be allowed to bring X amount of people (for free) to the club. Not because they were expected to spend money, or blow up the place, but because it was common courtesy to let your close friends/family experience your event. This usually meant they got all the perks of personally knowing the DJ. Nowadays, the DJ Guest List is a gimmick used by shady owners and club promoters to force DJ’s to bring people in the door.

Value Your Time | If you’re a DJ/promoter and you’re not getting paid extra for promoting your own events, you’re letting someone take advantage of you. Good promotion takes time and effort. Get paid for it.

End Of An Era | I’m not suggesting we go back to the good old days – perhaps change was needed and that’s why things evolved. What I”m saying is that DJ’s need to take charge of any situation that is presented to them where they’re asked to do a job that isn’t theirs. Become a better DJ because you aspire to be the best. Don’t become a better promoter because you think that’s going to make you a better DJ.